Our Values

JJC promises to be honest, trustworthy and efficient in all aspects of our service.

We are set on making an engaged workforce while contributing to the preservation of our environment.

Employee engagement

We understand the importance of a good working enviroment. Our mission is to ensure we can make our employees feel looked after and improve working conditions.

How we achieve this:


  1. Pay a fair living wage

  2. E

    quipment: Providing lightweight vacuums, extendable dusters and easy to use chemicals 

  3. Communicating with our employees and listening to their ideas.

  4. Site visits where we spend time with our employees and get stuck in!.



JJC are focused on providing a bespoke cleaning service that has minimal impact on the environment.

Every chemical with have some impact on the environment. However we are conscious about the impact we make as a company. We continue to minimise this impact by taking into account a variety of things.


We are achieving our goals by:


  • Using low energy rated vacuums.

  • Sourcing suppliers that are eco sustainable such as Evans green tick registered chemicals.

  • Use and disposal of products.

As we expand we will continue to improve our sustainability, so we are able to contribute further to the environment.



Our environmental impact

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Locations we serve:

  • Worcester

  • Droitwich spa

  • Malvern

  • Pershore

  • Evesham